Leroc is about...

Social dancing

Leroc is about making friends in a positive and social atmosphere. Meet great people and practice your skills at every party

No fixed steps

Contrary to many dance styles, Leroc is not based on a fixed pattern of steps, making it the easiest to learn partner dance. Try it out to find how it works

Lead and Follow

With no fixed steps and rhythm, you must listen to your partner and exchange in harmony with the music, creating a unique experience


Leroc finds its roots in the Swing family in the early 1980s in London. However Leroc adapts to many difference music styles and speeds including latin, blues, or even tango music

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About Us

Putting a smile on your dancing experience

We enjoy dancing. Thoroughly. We have danced for many years, made great friends and exchanged laughs, smiles and emotions on the dance floors around the world.

Today, we want to share our passion with you and help you find the dancer in you and develop your own dancing style and personality.

In each class and workshop, we will bring you a mix of figures to inspire your creativity and precise technique to give you solid foundations to grow your own dancing.



Teacher and Owner
Eric started dancing in 2005 in New Zealand. Addicted to Leroc, he also frequently visits Lindy Hop, Balboa and Kizomba dance floors and festivals.


Could this be you?

Teacher and Demo
We are looking for experienced dancers who would like to teach or help demo Leroc. No prior Leroc experience required.

Learning Leroc

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